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coldfusion memory leaks

since coldfusion has a few memory leaks this post is mostly for me to remember

cffunction output bug


cfcomponent output memory bug


run varscoper at least once a month on projects

html5 audio tag


Since I have had this code done for a while, I figured I might as well let people know about it.

Some basic features are there

I am using the new css3 font tag support for the buttons so they would change color with the themes, which means if your in an older browser or one that doesn't use cool standards you will just see some parts of the alphabet.



*oh the seek doesn't work properly yet

web.config power

So I have been trying to figure out how make sure that when we deploy projects out to production that we don't have to do as much setup, since all of our servers are IIS. I figured I would look at using web.configs more and what I can really do with them.

So inside each of our assets folders where we keep the images, css, and javascript files I created a web.config that contains the following.

Now the urlCompression node will turn on the gziping of files that are static since I really don't need it to compress the dynamic files at the moment.

The staticContent will allow tell the content to be cached by the client browser up to 30 days.

cffile loop file sql insert

Ohh ok so this was fun, I got to create a page to insert a few hundred thousand records. Since the data was coming from sql 2008 and had to move over to sql 2005. So after generating a file in sql that ended up being about 13 gigs of sql statements. Just in case people need to know you can't actually open files that large in pretty much anything... I ended up downloading LTF Viewer from

I highly recommend it.

Anyways the code for reading very very large files with cfloop file

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